Accident on Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel



This post is about a Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel accident in Virginia Beach, not the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/US 50. Please see comments at the bottom of the page for pointers to information on accidents on the Bay Bridge/US50.


Driving back from Pennsylvania today, we were warned by the toll collector that there was an accident of some sort that we needed to watch out for after the second tunnel (going south). We saw a lot of activity, but not any cars, just emergency vehicles on the bridge.
Listening to a news update, it seems that an SUV rolled over the guardrail of the northbound side of the bridge and went into the Chesapeake Bay.
I hope the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel teams can do their investigation and spend some of this holiday weekend with their families.

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2007 May 11 Accident on Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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Based on the recent traffic to the site, you are here looking for information on the accident on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. May I suggest here ? The post you are looking at is about the 2005 Dec 31accident on the Bay Bridge Tunnel

2008 Aug 10 Accident on Chesapeake Bay Bridge

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As the traffic seems to show a lot of people looking for information on the 10 Aug accident that happened on the Bay Bridge (US 50), here's a link to a Baltimore Sun article.,0,78230.story I was driving south on Delaware 1 and US 113 during the time after the accident. Northbound traffic was backed up from I-95 to US 113. I have never seen this before in 11 years of making this trip.

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