Things about the family.

Happy Birthday, Natalie


Today is the birthday of my wonderful wife, Natalie.

This is the last weekend of freedom for Natalie before she goes back to teaching sixth grade Science, Social Studies and English. I'm just hoping that she has a restful and relaxing weekend, before the insanity of the next nine months kicks in full time.

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

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Happy Birthday, Jake!


Happy birthday, to you Happy birthday, to you Happy birthday, dear Jacob Happy birthday, to you

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Happy Birthday, Nick!


Happy birthday, Nick. Wish we could all be there, but Sam and Jake will be there this weekend with Aunt Nat.

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Happy Father's Day


Here we are at the last half hour of Father's Day 2008. Strangely, here I am alone. The vagrancies of scheduling things after the school year is over. Natalie and the boys are visiting with Nat's mother. They are only in Williamsburg, at a resort where Nat's mom is staying. But still, they are not here.

This year, Father's day started for me somewhat early in the morning where I was doing something for work. That went well. From there, it was a quick sprint through breakfast, which was very nice. And then it was helping everyone get ready to go.

I did get to talk to my Dad today. And that made me happy. I would have been happier if I could have been there. But such is the problem with living 300 miles away.

In a very real way, I really not that into having a big fuss made about me for holidays or birthdays. It is more important to me that other people have something nice done for them. Natalie thinks that this means I am depressed. I don't think that is the cause. I think it is more that I would rather feel that the people that are important to me always feel that way. And it is hard to do that being 300 miles away from everyone else.
And yet, I keep getting caught up in doing things late because it is somewhat hard to keep that part of my personal schedule together. I plan in terms of what I need to get done at work. I sometimes even plan so that it's hard for people to do things for me.
I also lie about when my birthday is so that I don't have to deal with the ritual humiliation that tends to occur in the cube farm. Before it happens, I tell them it's "the start of June." After it happens, I tell them it was towards the end of May. That really doesn't bother me.

Now dates for when I'm planning to do things at work, that's important. And I try to at least pay lip service to other people.

And right now, I have nothing better to do than to sit here alone and think about this.

Happy Father's Day!

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Happy Brithday, Macey!


Happy Birthday, Macey. Sam and Jake wish they could be there with you.

Love you. Uncle Butch.

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