Me, being loud, on a soapbox, in public, and not caring about the results. Umm, did anyone see where my pants went?

Goodbye Facebook and Instagram

It was the final goodbye today for my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I don't even want to link to them.

In the past, I have left a still running social network because of the way other people were abusing the offering, and the service's lack of doing anything about it. This time it is different.

I deactivated my Facebook account in Februrary 2011. I don't even think I wrote about it, I just did it. I figured if there was a compelling reason to do come back, it would find me. Nothing ever did. I wrote about the problems I had with Facebook late in 2010.

Digital Life: Version Control


In my previous post, one of the areas I felt I needed to work on was getting a decent version control workflow with the systems I had just rebuilt.

My needs for versioning are fairly simple. I predominately work alone. If I am working with someone else and code is involved, odds are it's one of the boys, and I'm doing all the work. When I am working with code, I like to make a lot of small checkpoint commits along the way. I do this because I don't want to loose whatever forward progress I have made by going off on a dead-end tangent that takes the code in a bizarre direction that I'll never remember how to get back to a working condition without versioning. And I have an aversion of making a second or third copy of a file just to try out one idea.

I've been using Unix and Linux enough that I've used SCCS, RCS and CVS both at school and on the job.

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The Disinterested Life

There was an article in the paper Sunday that I thought that Sam would like. A while back, I started thinking that Sam was interested in creating video games.

Sam was interested in what the article talked about, so I asked him if he wanted me to help him see if he could find out more about the event, as in general information gathering on the Internet. I then asked him if there were anything other things, concepts, topics, communities, whatnot he might be interested in learning more about.

Sam wrote:
"Umm, I don't know if I'm that interested in anything"

Short version: I don't know what Sam (or Jake, really) is interested in.

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Netflix, Why?


After looking for something I thought I might have archived in my GMail account, I took the opportunity to hit the link for Google+ the see what was going on in the (somewhat narrow) world of the people I follow there.

I1 The first post I saw was danah boyd’s comments in response to Netflix’s appology/announcement about the splitting of Netflix into two services–Netflix for streaming and Quickster for mail-order DVD rental.

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber for several years. During that time, there have been a few upward adjustments in price of the service, but generally speaking, the changes in price haven’t caused confusion or haven’t adversely affected my happiness in the service Netflix provides.

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More on Goals & Engagement

The previous post talking about goals was difficult because of how long it took. In the end, I just wanted to get it out of the way. Like I said there, the post lost all it’s energy taking so long to write it.

As it is the post left me feeling like I forgot something.

I didn’t talk any about my own goals.

This year, most of my goals describe things I’m actually hope to be doing this year. There was some risk around if the goals related to completing specific projects or accounts where there is a chance the goal, no matter how important, would not get funded. So far this year, I’ve been lucky in that everyting has been funded, just months after originally planned.

And, yet, even given the important of these goals for the related business units and clients invovled, I’m actually more excited right now about an activity for which I don’t have a goal, but other people involved do (or at least it’s been suggested someone might).

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